Sliding Door Wheel Repair: What Do I Need To Take Into Consideration?

If you are tired of your sliding doors being so stubborn to do its sliding job properly, its about time for you to have your sliding door wheel checked. Over time, these parts, even if promised to last some time, could break because of how it is used or could simply wear out. Let us know more about repairing and replacing sliding door wheel.

Repairing a wheel of a sliding door is usually done by experienced repairman, however it will cost you anywhere between $100 to $350 or more. If you do not want to spend this amount, it is actually possible to do it with a little help from a friend. There are lots of tutorials and instructions you can read and watch over the internet to keep you guided on repairing the wheel of your sliding door.

Before you go to the process of having the wheels replaced or repaired, it is important for you to know if it’s really what’s causing the problem. There are instances the something gets stuck through the slide way or it simply needs lubricant because of rusting. You must go through a keen inspection of the wheel and overall sliding door for you to be able to distinguish if it really needs a repair.

For some, this is the complicated part as we do not really see new and broken wheels to compare with every day. If not properly assessed, we could waste effort, time and money on repairing something that doesn’t need to be repaired. This is the reason why most people prefer leaving the job to the professionals.

The repairing process usually takes two people to work together on removing and putting the wheels back. Since glass doors are usually heavy and fragile, this process requires extra precaution. Tools you will be needing must be ready before you begin the process, you can easily buy them from a local hardware.

The entire process goes like this: you must first unscrew and remove the sliding door from the track. Then, you must put the door in a secured place before you proceed on changing the rollers or the wheels. Sounds complicated? Here’s some more. The replacing process may differ in vinyl door and aluminum door. Replacing the door back is just the same as how you remove it, you just have to make sure that you were able to screw the parts correctly and the door fit properly on its track for everyone’s safety.

The whole process can be hard work for some. If it sounds impossible for you to do it without the help of a professional, you can simply call a repairman and go back with your door fixed without all the hassle. The advantage of hiring a professional aside from not doing the physical work is they can teach you how to properly use and take care of your sliding door wheels, not only so it could last longer, but also to keep you and your family safe.

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