A professional locksmith is the only stranger you can trust your locks with. This is for a good reason. These professionals are not only trained to handle almost any type of lock, but also follow a strict code of conduct. That said, your car, home, or safe is much safer in the hands of a locksmith than having a total stranger try to pick your locks. Whether you lost your keys, locked them in the car, or simply can’t get your front door to open, an locksmith expert should be able to help without damaging your locks or doors. While locksmiths are ethical professionals, you shouldn’t hire the first person claiming to be one. Here are a few factors you ought to consider when shopping for a 24 hour locksmith services.

  1. Licensing And Certification
    As mentioned earlier, professional locksmiths are governed by a code. You don’t want a quack or uncertified locksmith poking through your car security system or even your front door lock. Check to ensure he/she has all the necessary documents (certificates) and license from the relevant body. For one to obtain a locksmith’s license, he/she has to pass all the requirements put in place by the government. This also means he/she doesn’t have a criminal record and had formal training on the same.
  2. Insurance
    The locksmith needs to have an insurance policy covering both him/her and their service. Should anything get damaged in the hands of the locksmith, the insurance policy should cover for the damages. The same applies if the locksmith gets injured in his line of work. Hiring an insured locksmith eliminates all the risks involved with picking locks and security that comes with the same.
  3. Availability
    Most people will not think of hiring a locksmith until the very last minute – due to frustration. While this shouldn’t be the case, you should only hire a locksmith capable of coming to your location once notified. Most professional locksmith companies in Singapore operate 24 hours a day. This means you can have the locksmith dispatched to your place in the middle of the night, in the morning, or even in the evening. Be sure to check with the company to determine if they do offer emergency services and if someone is available on call. This will save you the frustration of standing by your car/front door for hours waiting for the locksmith to show up.
  4. Price
    Although most people won’t think about the price factor when desperate, it’s advisable to discuss the cost of service with the company before agreeing to their terms. Some locksmiths will have a standard rate while others will charge based on the type of work, among other factors. Discussing the cost of service with the provider firsthand, however, reduces the risk of disagreements after the job is done. To be on the safe side, have the locksmith company send an upfront quote (for comparison) before agreeing to their terms.
  5. Reputation and Warranty
    Always ask for a service warranty before calling a locksmith. Most reputable locksmith companies in Singapore will be willing to offer a service warranty while quack locksmiths will shy away from this. Only experts sure of their expertise will be willing to give you a service guarantee. In addition to these, many companies won’t want to tarnish their reputation hence will strive to ensure you get the best service possible.

These are some of the factors you need to consider when looking for a locksmith Singapore. Although you may be overwhelmed at the number of available locksmiths, some of them aren’t what they seem. Pick a few potential locksmiths from the list, look into them, then ask for quotes before making any commitments. Always trust your gut feeling when it comes to hiring an emergency 24 hour locksmith.