Patsy “Skyline” Lowry and The Kuna Indian Molas

Celebrate the New Year of 2013, with new Art Exhbit featuring Patsy “Skyline” Lowry in Galeria 147.

Patsy is a nationally-known artist whose paintings and bronzes have been exhibited in museums and galleries and numerous private collections for almost four decades.  Her art presents the viewer with a dialog different from that found in words. It is an eloquent expression of the way we think and feel about nature and the spirituality of its peoples. Her art is a continual search for spiritual truth and beauty.

“Art is a search for the ultimate expression of spirit.” As a third generation Phoenician, my paintings and bronzes  the cultures, skies, flowers, land, deserts and imagery of Arizona. Its colors are my palette. I use numerous layers of paint on each canvas to strengthen the texture and images. Since nature often defies description and understanding, I continually try to capture some of its power, magic and mystery. My focus is on resolving and enhancing the relationship of one color to another. Creating is exciting to me. I like the feel of putting paint on the canvas and following an unknown path – not knowing where it will lead.

In addition to Patsy Lowry in Galeria 147, we have Kuna Indian Molas in El Rincon Galeria.

Molas are part of the traditional dress of Kuna Indians of Panama and are worn by the women on the back and on the front side of their blouse. Together with the blue print cotton skirts, the red and orange head scarves and the characteristic glass bead strings on wrists and ankles they represent the traditional dress of the Kuna women.

We are also happy to have Fausto Ciapara, who has created over 45 pieces of work in our ALAC studio.  Fausto’s paintings are similar to Mattise or Pierre Bonnard who thrived in the Impressionism movement.  Fausto is able to capture the human spirit in the eyes he creates and in the various sceneries. His work is on our display window facing Adams Street.


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